6 Signs You're Settling. BIG TIME.

6 Signs You're Settling. BIG TIME.

One of the best quotes on settling, ever, is by a writer named Maureen Dowd. She once said this: “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” This is something that every woman on the planet should write down on a Post-it note and put it on her bathroom mirror!

Nothing---and we repeat NO-THING---good ever comes from settling. Not to say that people shouldn’t compromise (no relationship works unless you do). But if you’re compromising so much that you’re sacrificing what you really want and truly need just to be with someone, that’s not a healthy relationship. 

And if you’re afraid to stop doing these things because you don’t want to be alone? Well, that’s not good either. The sign of a great relationship is that you’re free to be yourself, that it makes you better than you were before being in it and that you’re constantly growing.

Can you say this about your situation with your man? If you’re on the fence, we’ll take things a step further. Here are some telltale signs that you’re settling. Not just a little either. A WHOLE LOT. (Too much.)

You’re not getting what you want

Never EVER make apologies for what you want. This doesn’t mean go ham on your relationship wish list. You need to be realistic about your expectations (something that we’ll get into via another article sometime). But if you want affection and he’s not giving it, you want a commitment and he’s not interested or you want to be treated like the queen that you are and he keeps coming up short (excuses included), why are you staying? A healthy relationship consists of two people who want to make each other happy. If you’re the only one interested in doing this, you’re coming up short in a really big way.

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