6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Healthier

6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Healthier

If you and yours have decided that divorce is not an option, already you should be commended! There’s something extremely special and inspiring about two people who’ve made a commitment to one another and honor it, for better or for worse.

But it’s one thing to stay married. It’s another thing entirely to be the kind of couple who is in a healthy relationship. You know, when you share similar goals and values, you communicate well, you have a fulfilling sex life, you approach matters as a team? And, perhaps the most overlooked point on the planet…you actually like each other!

If this is kind of connection is something that you don’t have or you want more of, it’s all about putting in daily effort. We’ve got a few recommendations that can get you and yours on the road to having the kind of marriage that will inspire the couples around you to have the same.

Do New Things On Those Dates

When you're able to get out on dates, deviate from the norm. If you’ve been together for five years or more, the same activities are going to get boring. Check out a new venue that just opened up. Go to a concert to hear an artist that you’ve never seen live before. Take a dance class that you’re not super good at, or a cooking class that teaches some new recipes. Maybe just do something spontaneous like camping out in the backyard (sans the kids) or getting a babysitter and going on a “rolling picnic” where you can drive to secluded spot, eat in the back of your truck (or on your car’s trunk) and look up at the stars. Creativity is a main ingredient to lasting romance. Never forget that because your wife won’t.

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