The 9 Types of Guys You Need to Avoid at All Costs on Tinder

The 9 Types of Guys You Need to Avoid at All Costs on Tinder

Raise your hand if you have a love hate relationship with Tinder. Same! On one hand, it’s nice to be able to simply swipe left for guys you’re not interested in. But, how are you supposed to know if you’re interested? A profile picture and a short bio isn’t enough, right? Wrong. In my experience, a quick pic says a lot - like, whether or not you should go all in, or avoid at all costs. Based off their profile alone, here are the 9 types of guys I recommend you immediately swipe left on:

The Guy Who's Flexing

He’s showing off his biceps because that’s all he’s got. His personality is bleh, maybe even nonexistent, and he knows that - which is why he’s obsessed with making sure his body looks immaculate. 

The Guy Who's Surrounded By Women

Either he’s a player or he’s a PLAYER.

The Guy Wearing A Suit With Sunglasses (Inside)

He may be good looking. He may even have a great job. But trust me when I say, this guy's a tool. He made the conscious decision to keep his shades on, (even though he was indoors) and used it as his profile picture! Who does he think he is, Drake? He’ll never be Drake.

The Guy With The, "I'm A Romantic" Bio

Spoiler Alert: He’s not really that romantic. He’s just saying that because he thinks he’ll get more swipe rights. If he was a true romantic, he wouldn't advertise it.

The Guy You Can't Identify

Which one is he? You have absolutely no idea. Every picture he has is a group picture. And ya know what? He did that on purpose. Honestly, it doesn't matter which one he is. He's already deceiving you by not being upfront about what he looks like.   

The Guy Holding A Glass Of Whisky

There’s nothing wrong with drinking. But this guy looks way too cocky holding that glass of whisky. If you actually met up with him, he’d probably spend a majority of his time talking about cars, money, and that Vegas trip he went on last weekend.

The Guy Who's Lying About His Age

He’s clearly not 20 something. Hell, he’s probably not even 30 something. He looks old enough to be a young grandfather. But here he is, on Tinder, prowling for millennials, while pretending to be one. Creepy.  

The Guy Who Claims To Be An "Entrepreneur"

Spoiler Alert (again): He’s not. He probably just got fired and in an attempt to save face, he’s identifying as an "entrepreneur." When in reality, he’s sleeping on his parents futon, working part time, while creating his blog.   

The Guy With No Pictures

I recommend avoiding the guy who’s not showing his face. Maybe he’s good looking and just trying to do something different. Or maybe he’s a criminal, with a warrant out for his arrest. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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