6 Exercises for your Mental Health

6 Exercises for your Mental Health

With all the chaos that occurs day in and day out, it's important to keep your mental health a top priority. From taking care of kids, a job, or the day to day stress that inevitably occurs, you must make sure to put aside some time for yourself to relieve stress and exercise your mind. Here are 6 helpful exercises for your mental health.


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Yoga is one amazing workout that is good for your mind, body and soul. While it helps you relieve stress with the slow movements and deep breathing, it will also help you improve your physical fitness by stretching your muscles, strengthening them, and improving your posture. Doing yoga each day, or a few times a week will put your mind at ease and help you get rid of the day's struggles.


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As an exercise for the mind, meditation is extremely beneficial for your mental health. It has been proven to increase your brain functionality, attention span, metabolism, and immune system. With all of those benefits, what could you possibly have to lose?


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Many adults don't get the chance to appreciate the outdoors when they are stuck in an office working each week. If the weather allows, set aside some time to go outdoors and head out for a hike. Studies have proven that hiking is extremely beneficial for you body physically and mentally. Stepping away from the chaos of the day, such as traffic or screaming kids (or clients) and putting yourself into an environment where there is natural peace and quiet, will set your mind at ease. It is also a great way to diminish depression and anxiety.


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Getting enough sleep is a very important aspect to your physical and mental well being. Lack of sleep can ruin your metabolism and make you cranky and groggy. The point of sleeping is to refuel your energy for the next day's tasks. 


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Sometimes you just need to let loose and let your body do the talking. Dancing releases your emotions and will strengthen your body from head to toe. Whether you're one to dance on your own in your living room, or are one to join a class, keep on moving!


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While great for your entire body, running can also help your mind. For one, it's a proven stress reliever. It can also improve your memory. Studies show that running sprints can actually improve vocabulary retention amongst healthy adults. Overall, all cardiovascular activities can create new brain cells and improve your brain's overall performance. 

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